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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From the unassisted childbirth forum...

Armed and prepared birth warriors...

Which method is best to take a newborns temperature, and how often should it be taken after birth

Doesn't she sound ready for any emergency?

Some of the responses:

I never once took his temp, but maybe that was just me. I wasn't aware of any reason to take it. I do have a temporal thermometer that i use for him and for my 4 year old.
The best way to keep a brand new baby warm is skin to skin contact. Take off your top and just diaper baby then cover both of you with a nice cozy blanket. Easy as pie! If you'd like, you can have for partner put towels and blankets in the dryer while your pushing out your little one or plug in a heating pad and put it inside a pillow case with receiving blankets and towels to use after birth.

Note for anyone that Googles heating pads and newborns: the manufacturers instructions state that you should NEVER, EVER used a heating pad with an infant.

Further advice found in the thread.

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  1. OK, I hate MDC too, but I just wanted to point out, it's possible that poster was referring to heating up the blankets with the heating pad and then putting the warmed blankets on the baby, not putting the heating pad on the baby. I'm banned so I can't read the thread, but if that's what they meant, that's OK. My midwife did that when I had a homebirth with my third child.