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Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Get Comfortable Not Vaccinating

From the forums:
For me, coming to the conclusion of being comfortable to go the non-vax route, I have had to accept in my mind that sometimes death is inevitable. Part of my faith in God includes believing that he has a plan, even though sometimes I may not like that plan. There are very sad cases where non-vaxed children get a "VPD" and die from it. But there are also many, many cases where fully-vaxed children die from something that is not preventable. To what extent are they going to keep making vaccines for things? Is there going to be a vaccine against cancer eventually? The list just keeps growing! We simply can NOT prevent every bad thing from happening, unfortunately...we are NOT God
Shorter version:  because we cannot vaccinate for everything, we should not vaccinate for anything. 

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