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Friday, January 21, 2011

You Can't Make This Up

So, if you were an educator or a public health worker or someone who could design a PSA, what would you do?

An excellent Q. From an advertising perspective, if I were to design an advertisement (& I am in marketing full time), you need to follow the guidelines: "Interrupt, Engage, Educate, & Offer."

To interrupt (grab attention) I'd start with, "You CAN NOT TRUST your OB." Maybe with an image of a wolf in a doc's lab coat (i.e. "wolf in sheep's clothing.") Something deliberately controversial to grab attention & generate interest. This also elicits fear, which is a good advertising concept to get attention & get interest so people read the ad.

It sounds horrible but that is the fact of the matter. American women can't blindly trust their HCPs because American maternity care providers are, on the whole, not practicing evidence-based medicine. I'd say "OB" in the ad b/c that really is synonymous with "maternity care provider" in the US. & the fact is that I believe it's still 91% of births that are attended by OBs.

Then, to educate & offer, I'd suggest resources like movies BoBB, Orgasmic Birth, & books like Pushed, Thinking Woman's Guide. or maybe if it were a local ad (billboard, local TV only), I'd direct them to local resources like LLL & ICAN meetings, Baltimore has 2 local "birth circles," or websites that are good at summing up facts like childbirth connection, etc.

My MW has a bumper sticker in her office that says, "BIRTH IS NORMAL! The biggest secret in American obstetrics." I like this phrase too, but it doesn't elicit FEAR the way "You CAN NOT TRUST your OB" does - it doesn't give a WARNING the way that phrase does to entice people to TAKE ACTION in order to question what they're told & get educated to advocate for themselves & ensure they get evidence-based medicine.

So if I were to design a PSA, that's my knee-jerk reaction.

This could be you!!!!

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