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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fair and Balanced like FoxNews

This is just beyond disgusting:

The Assault on Freedom of Conscience

In fact, we are pro-informed consent; we publish both sides of the story so that parents can be aware of all angles before they make a decision.

Oh, really?

In the Summer 1997 issue of Mothering, I reported that universal HIV testing, like universal prenatal testing, is controversial because AIDS is rare among women of childbearing age and among newborns.

Not only is universal HIV testing for pregnant women and newborns controversial, but also are the medications prescribed for HIV and the recommendations regarding breastfeeding. Up until 1997, the World Health Organization (WHO) left the infant-feeding choice up to the HIV mother herself. By 1998, the recommendation had changed and WHO recommended safe alternatives to breastfeeding. As a retired La Leche League Leader, I was dismayed that breastfeeding was contraindicated in HIV because up until then, only one disease—untreated, active tuberculosis—contraindicated breastfeeding.

Right. The almighty breast.

Now, how noble, to talk about your wonderful devotion to telling "both sides" of the story in 2009, while conveniently leaving out the fact that your good buddy... you know? The one you put on your magazine cover?

This one?

Is dead.

Along with her daughter.


It's a whole lot more fun to ignore dead children. And, dead mothers. To pat yourself on the back for your devotion to The Whole Story. Except the parts you don't like.

Perhaps Peggy has simply forgotten Christine Maggiore? Maybe it's Alzheimer's disease. I highly suggest Peggy take a look at her own website, wherein we can learn that these lapses of memory can be cured with proper nutrition.

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  1. This story makes me so sick.

    I stumbled upon your blog when Googling "mothering magazine aids denialism" after hearing about it from a pro-vaccination community I'm a part of.

    I'm "recovering" not so much from MDC in particular, but from the AP community in general. While I still do identify with some aspects of AP, the communities have gotten so OUT THERE as well as judgmental and hurtful, that I had to leave for my own sanity. Unfortunately, because I still have some sort of crunchy leanings (cloth diapering, babywearing, green living), I end up coming into contact with these communities far too frequently. Your blog is very validating to me.