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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reader Subumission: AIDS Denialism and MDC

Mothering has maintained the stance that HIV does not cause AIDS since they published the article Christine Maggiore in 1997. They even suggest that it's safe for an HIV + mother to have a child and breastfeed without taking ACT or similar medication. But it's not. And there's been deaths to prove it.

In 2005, Elize Jane, the daughter of Christine Maggiore, died of AIDS related pneumonia at age 3. Christine Maggiore herself died in 2008, also of AIDS. It saddens me because those deaths were completely unnecessary. Did you know that in 98% of the cases, an HIV+ mother can give birth to a healthy, HIV free baby if she takes medication and does not breastfeed? http://aidsinfo.nih.gov/contentfiles/PerinatalGL.pdf

The AIDS medication is literally lifesaving. Suggesting that HIV + mothers should try more "natural" cures for AIDS is nothing short of life threatening. 

But Mothering has maintained their stance, and shunned any conversation that suggests HIV does cause AIDS and that pregnant, HIV + mothers should take medications and abstain from breastfeeding their babies. 

Recently, there have been several posts on the board to this effect, including my own, and Mothering has banned the users who did so, claiming that we are on a "smear campaign" and are "Trolls." We may be members of http://trollswithwoodenspoons.com/ but our posts were genuine. And instead of answering them, you said you wouldn't because of who we are (not what we said). You banned us immediately, and closed our threads.

We would love to have a dialogue with Mothering's higher ups about their current stance. Why, Peggy O' Mara, are you still on the board of Alive and Well, Christine Maggiore's foundation that is heavy on the AIDS denialism? Why do you believe that HIV does not cause AIDS? What, if any, hard science do you have on your side and why do you think that it trumps years of studies and research by every other major AIDS organization in the world? 

And mostly, we want to know how you can sleep at night.

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  1. Love this site! As a side note, have you heard of the foo fighters promoting this thought? Sad, but they seem to have distanced themselves, but havent heard them reject it yet