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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Self-styled Experts that Simply Don't Care if You Get Ripped Off

Sandi Shwartz, who sells herself as a "parenting guru," responds.

Wow....I received your note.....

This is what I am thinking.

I pre recorded my show with Naomi. She's been a guest on my show before. I think that she has some really valuable wisdom to share about raising children. I didn't know anything about any of this controversy until after recording the show. Naomi actually advised me of it after the recording.

It is sad that people can think they are earning a professional degree and find out afterwards that it is not valid.

With that said, I still think Naomi's book has a wonderful understanding of children and parents and I am hoping that the show that we recorded together will be helpful to any parent who is looking for this information.

I did not say anything on the show about her having a doctorate. I do invite guests who are just parents or people who have a story to share that I think is poignant or helpful....with no degrees at all.....just life experience.

Naomi wrote a good book. I think there is a lot in there that is helpful for parents. It is also OK with me if my audience doesn't agree with her. I just want to encourage people to think about their relationship with children. That is the only reason I invited her on the show.

I so hope this speaks to your concerns...I do understand.

My best to you,


So, I understand that her schedule appears to be more important than integrity.

Let's just say that word again.


It's one of those thing that I would like my child to have. Along with even a modicum of discernment and basic critical thinking skills.

Next up, we've got Donna Vail, an "education expert," whose credentials, fake or otherwise, are not listed on her website. She had Naomi on her show in March. This can be found here.

Thank you for sharing. I have read Naomi’s statement and this is something that many people have come against in distance learning. It is unfortunate because she did do the work however it does not in the slightest discount her wisdom, expertise and ability to counsel/coach families. Her studies and work reach well beyond this distance learning and I know for a fact that she is a constant student and genuine in her practices. She is one of the best parenting experts available today and I will continue to share her and her resources to the families I work with as well as work with Naomi any opportunity possible. Again, thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

Just to reiterate. No. She did not in anyway shape or form, "do the work."

From Naomi's own words:

I never had in mind doing the regular amount of work to get a Ph.D. I never wanted or needed one. When I saw Wiltshire Universities (sic) offer, and didn’t know it was a scam, I figured it couldn’t hurt to have it.

Apparently, the Aldort newsletter went out today, wherein Aldort is playing the victim.  Though, it's not exactly the same as being the victim of someone that is charging you or your insurance company licensed psychology rates, who isn't a licensed psychologist.

We'll keep you posted, as others around the internet weigh in.

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